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Jarrett Remodeling would like the opportunity to become your personal handyman. We give FREE estimates and usually charge by the job. You will know your costs upfront and you will have the peace of mind knowing the job will be done right with great customer service.

What does an Arizona Handyman Do?

A handyman does pretty much anything you do not want to do! Jarrett Remodeling will install water heaters, hang a ceiling fan, repair drywall, fix a leaky sink, install a new door lock, hang curtains, the list can go on and on. If you can write on your “to do” list, Jarrett Remodeling will do it for you. Jarrett Remodeling is committed to Quality Work, Honest Prices and Fantastic Customer Service. You will be able to spend more time enjoying your family while the professional handyman takes care of fixing up your home and completing your to do list.

Arizona Handyman Contractor for Snowbirds

Many things can go wrong at your home while you are out of town. Jarrett Remodeling can check on your house while you are away with our property management services. If something goes wrong with your home while you are away we will contact you to discuss the issue and let you know the solution. We have fixed snowbird’s outdoor water systems that broke while they were away, fixed/set timers for landscaping and completed projects inside and outside so the house is ready when you come back to Arizona to enjoy. Jarrett Remodeling will complete your projected timely and carefully while you are away.

Jarrett Remodeling can help Senior Clients

Jarrett Remodeling has several senior clients who hire us to do thinks like change light bulbs, fix a blind, change the air filters or program electronic thermostats. Make a list of the things you need done and when you contact us we can discuss the projects you need completed. We help lots of Grandmas and Grandpas finish home improvements and do time consuming things around the house that are hard to keep up with.