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Jarrett Remodeling can be your eyes and ears while you are away from your house, whether it’s for a week or months at a time. We have several customers who have us come in their home on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to flush toilets, check the pool, put out trash cans, move vehicles, collect their mail and walk the property to make sure everything is ok. Unexpected things can happen while you are gone such as a leaky facet, broken outdoor watering system, burn out lights or storm damage – we will report any problems to you and we will fi all these issues right away. We can even keep up on pest control and basic home maintenance.

Projects Completed While You Are Away

Do you need a major project done? Why not have it completed while you are away so you can ENJOY it when you get back in town? We can do basic handyman work or major remodel jobs. While you are away we can paint, do a bathroom remodel, install tile and many other things so you do not have to live in the construction mess while the project is ongoing. (Although we try to keep our work area tidy – construction still disrupts your normal lifestyle.)

You Can Trust Jarrett Remodeling

You can TRUST US. We treat your home with respect and make sure it is locked and the alarm is set EVERY time we leave. We are reliable, timely and professional. We will report to you every time we go to your home so you know what was done and when it was done. This Property management Service is perfect for Arizona snowbirds or people who travel for work. Enjoy your time away and don’t worry about your home in Arizona.