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What is a project manager? We make sure your building project runs smoothly and quickly so you don’t have to worry about it. We will make sure all the sub-contractors show up when they are supposed to and do quality work. We will check the contracts to make sure each sub-contractor completes their contracted tasks.

Project Manager/General Contractor

We take care of almost every part of the building project. We hire all the subcontractors which are licensed, bonded and insured. We have used our subcontractors on several different large projects and they prove to be dependable, timely and do quality work. We will schedule all subcontractors at the appropriate time and check their work as it is is completed. We will take your project from beginning to end.

Project Manager Only

This if for the homeowner/builder or general contractor who has too many projects going at one time and needs someone t help schedule and supervise the job. You are only hiring us to manage a specific piece of your project, not the entire job. We will use all of your subcontractors or suggest ours and make sure your project runs smoothly and timely. We will oversee your project from beginning to end.

Why do You need a Project Manager

It is harder than you think to build. For example, if you don’t order your windows and doors at the correct time it could set you back 4-5 weeks in your building project. This could be costly (fi you are making loan payments) and set back your project completion date. The last house we built was completed from groundbreaking to final inspection in 5 months. Unfortunately, without our expertise your home would probably take much longer to build. If you hire Jarrett Remodeling to be your Project manager you will not have to deal with the stresses of building a new home in Arizona. you will be able to just enjoy the final outcome.

We are very organized and experienced. We have built several custom homes and have experience scheduling and keep all the paperwork straight. Your project will run much smoother if you hire Jarrett Remodeling as your project manager. We will keep logs, notebooks with contracts and all other important documents regarding your job.

If you have further questions about our services and pricing, please contact Jarrett Remodeling. We will be happy to give you more details and find the perfect fit for your project.